Symphyotrichum Novae-Angliae (New England Aster)


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New England Aster Seeds

Zones: 3 to 9.

Native to North America.

The New England Aster is an upright narrow plant with pointed leaves and abundant, purple daisy-like flowers with yellow centres. It likes full sun and moderate watering. This plant is attractive to bees and butterflies. It has long lasting blooms from late summer through autumn when most other flowering plants have stopped blooming. Excellent addition to butterfly gardens, adding late season blooms to flower beds and for naturalizing along paths and borders.

Size: 2 to 3 feet.

Germination Instructions

Stratification:  If starting the seeds indoors, begin stratification four to six weeks before the last frost. Apply moist stratification for 30 to 45 days, at 3° C (37° F) to 5° C (41° F).

  1. Place seeds in sandwich bag(s), optionally with a bit of damp sand or vermiculite to keep moist.
  2. Place the bag(s) with seeds in refrigerator for about 30 to 45 days.
  3. After the required time take the seeds out of the refrigerator and sow the seeds in pots 1/4 inch deep and cover lightly. Water gently so as not to wash away the seeds. Keep soil moist but not wet.