Rhus typhina (Staghorn Sumac)


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Rhus typhina (Staghorn Sumac) Seeds

Zones: 3 to 8.

Native to northeastern North America.

Rhus typhina (Staghorn Sumac), is a deciduous shrub or small tree. It gets its common name from the velvety texture and the forking pattern of the branches, reminiscent of antlers. It has alternate, pinnately compound leaves that are lance shaped, sharp toothed.

The fruit comprises conic clusters containing numerous hairy, berry-like drupes which ripen bright red in autumn, gradually turning dark red as they persist through much of the winter. Fruit is attractive to wildlife.

Staghorn Sumac is often planted as an ornamental due to the lovely fruit clusters and vibrant autumn foliage. It spreads through rhizomes and tolerates dry soils, making it ideal for naturalizing and preventing erosion along slopes. It prefers full sun or partial shade and well-drained soil.

Size: Height 12 to 16 ft; Width 15 to 20 ft.

Germination Instructions

Stratification: Seed requires 60 days cold moist stratification at 3° C (37° F) to 5° C (41° F).

  1. Place seeds in hot water and let soak for 24 hours.
  2. Place seeds in sandwich bag(s), with a bit of damp sand or vermiculite to keep moist.
  3. Place the bag(s) with seeds in refrigerator for about 60 days.
  4. After the required time take the seeds out of the refrigerator and sow the seeds in pots 3/8 inch deep and cover lightly. Water gently so as not to wash away the seeds. Keep soil moist but not wet.