Catalpa speciosa (Catalpa or Northern Catalpa)


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Catalpa speciosa (Catalpa or Northern Catalpa) Seeds

Zones: 4 to 8.

Native to the midwestern United States.

The Catalpa tree has distinctive features that set it apart from other trees. Large white, bell-shaped flowers in spring, giant heart-shaped leaves and long and pendulous bean-like seed pods. Its large leaves cast a heavy shade, making it an ideal shade tree for parks and yards.

It has an open-rounded to narrow-oval crown. It prefers full sun to part shade and moist, loam or sandy soils, but can tolerate many types of soil.

Size: Height 40 to 70 ft; Width 20 to 50 ft.

Germination Instructions

Stratification: Catalpa seeds have no stratification requirements.