Amelanchier canadensis (Juneberry, Serviceberry)


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Amelanchier canadensis (Juneberry, Serviceberry) Seeds

Zone 4 to 8.

Native to North America.

Ideal ornamental tree for smaller areas. Covered with small white flowers in spring and bearing purple berries in early summer that are loved by birds. Can be either a single trunk tree or multi-trunk shrub with a rounded, upright vase form. Bark is smooth and grey. Leaves are oval or round, 3 inches (8 cm) long, with fine teeth on the edges. Leaves turn shades of gold, orange and red in autumn. Prefers full sun to part shade and moist, well drained soil. Perfect tree for a smaller yard, bird or woodland garden.

Size: Height 25 to 30 ft; Width 15 to 20 ft.

Germination Instructions

Soak seeds for 24 hours and drain.

Stratification: Seed requires 60 days warm stratification followed by 90 to 120 days cold moist stratification at 3° C (37° F) to 5° C (41° F).

  1. Soak seeds in water for 24 hours.
  2. Place seeds in sandwich bag(s), with a bit of damp sand or vermiculite to keep moist.
  3. Keep at room temperature for about 60 days. Occasionally lightly spray water to keep seeds and sand moist.
  4. Place the bag(s) with seeds in refrigerator for about 90 to 120 days.
  5. After the required time take the seeds out of the refrigerator and sow the seeds in pots 1/8 inch deep and cover lightly.
  6. Water gently so as not to wash away the seeds. Keep soil moist but not wet.