Mount Royal Seeds is proud to provide a selection of quality tree and shrub seeds for the tree hobbyist, nurseryman and bonsai enthusiast as well as selective woodland plant and flowers seeds for the avid gardener. Our emphasis is primarily on native North American trees and plants for landscaping, however we also offer a choice selection of non native trees that are aesthetically pleasing in the landscape or valuable for training into bonsai specimens.

Our catalogue selection includes tree and shrub seeds for bonsai, conifers, deciduous trees, evergreens, flowering trees, nut trees and woodland plants and flowers.

For every variety in our catalogue we identify the plant’s native range, hardiness zone, noteworthy characteristics, growing requirements, garden uses and seed germination instructions.

We aim to continually add new varieties of seeds to our catalogue so be sure to check back often for new seeds or the replenishment of our available stock.

For any additional information or enquiries please contact us at mountroyalseeds@gmail.com

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